Uniform creator services are very helpful in customizing uniforms.Uniforms represent not only the person, but also the team as a whole. Such garments must harness the nature of the sport being played as well as exemplifying a standard image that the team would like to portray. Sport uniforms come in a variety of colors and styles, but all must follow a similar motif for the group wearing them. Although a team may have several uniforms, they must have a general pattern, color, form, shape, that makes the uniform be apparent to sport fans to represent their favorite teams. In such situations, team color plays a big role.

Teams must have a 2 tone color scheme that is reflected in all uniforms worn. Colors such as maroon and white will be seen on both home game and away game uniforms. Often, home uniforms will often display the prominent color, maroon for instance, as the main color for the garment, with white as accent colors; this is reversed for away games. The image of maroon and white will be present during both games to represent the team. This plays a role in identifying the team, as well as making the players easily noticed by fellow teammates and opponents alike. If both teams wore similar uniforms, it would be difficult to differentiate between the two groups. This situation could hinder both game play and the ability of fans to cheer for their own team. Breathability is very important for sport uniforms. The material chosen should be able to wick away moisture from the athlete, without making them overheat during rigorous game play.

The materials are often breathable, and in some sports such as basketball, very loose fitting to allow air movement against the skin. The cut of the uniform must also reflect the sport in which it is worn. Considering basketball again, these uniforms are very lose fitted. They consist of a tank top style jersey, as well as shorts. The tank top cut aids in the movement of the athletes’ arms when making shots, as well as keeping air movement during play. The shorts aid in running and don’t restrict leg movement. They are also very lose and breathable to increase air flow to the player. The uniform must be strengthened in areas of heavy use or that are prone to tears. This helps the lifetime of the garment as well as securing mends in the uniform that could inhibit normal game play.